4 Hazards of Not Using Industrial Hydraulic Crane Remote Control Switches

Industrial Hydraulic Crane Remote Control Switch

Photo Credit: goo.gl/QpZwlt

The complex and dynamic working environment and fast changing nature of the construction and industrial world has been recognized as one of the most important contributor of high rate of accidents and injuries in the field. Hydraulic cranes demand the central attraction as they are used as a chief component at many industrial fields as well as construction areas. At the same time, it is also true that hydraulic cranes are involved in contributing one-third of the accidents occurring in the industrial field. Hence, the role and involvement of safety and health professionals in the field of industrial and construction sector is so important.

Crane Fatalities Statistics:

Despite involving safety measures and skilled professionals, most of the accidents took place while handling hydraulic cranes in previous years. For example: in the year 1987, the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics data reported by 23 states revealed that over 1000 industrial injuries caused due to hydraulic crane equipments1.

Another report revealed that, during the years between 1980 and 1989, an average of 15 electrocutions was resulted due to the crane equipments contacted with electric power lines2.

Hazards of Using Hydraulic Crane Applications and How does Remote Control Switches Prevent them:

Industrial remote control switches are great innovation that reduces the chances of fatalities and increases operator safety while using large industrial cranes. By using those devices all hazards of using hydraulic crane application can be prevented in a large extent. Like all hydraulic devices, hydraulic cranes can also lead to same types of hazards. Some of the common hazards in using hydraulic crane applications are mentioned below:

Irregular Leakage in the Hydraulic Medium:

Leakage in hydraulic fluids can be expected in situations like line rupture, hose assemblies damage, loose connection elements, or applying high forces. Leaking in hydraulic fuels can be harmful for the operators as it may damage eyes and intoxicate skins. In case there are sources like oils on warm surface, fires can broke out. A remote control switch can be the best way to get rid of this problem as the operator can stay away from the actual place preventing any situation of accident of hydraulic leakage.

Accidental Crane Movements:

Hazards can take place due to accidental movements of crane applications. Most of the accidental operation of different control units, buttons, action levers, switches etc can cause due to the accidental movements of carne equipments. One can reduce the problem by using wireless switching controls.

Power Supply Hazards:

When you are working on electrical power supply for driving crane systems, it can result into various hazards, such as direct and indirect contact within internal parts and wires. By using the industrial remote controlled switching application the operator can avoid the problem as in such case the operator has no direct contact with the crane equipments.

Interference Related Problems:

One of the major problems operators face when using remote control for operating crane equipments is the interference problems. Interference related problems that mainly occur when using a normal remote control can be reduced by implementing industrial hydraulic remote control switches in crane control systems.


1. OSHA Strategic Plan FY1997–FY2000, Crane and Hoist Safety, 1996.

2. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). Fatal Injuries to Workers in the United States 1980–1989: A Decade of Surveillance, (DHHS/NIOSH Publication No 93-108) (1993).


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